Westfield Garden City is a shopping mall in Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia, located on the suburb of Upper Mount Gravatt.

Building details

  • Name of establishment: Westfield Garden City
  • Type: Retail
  • Built: 1971
  • Address: Cnr Logan & Kessels Rd Upper Mt Gravatt/Brisbane QLD 4122


Elevator 1

Main article: 1980_Johns_Perry_Inground_Hydraulic_Elevator_at_Westfield_Garden_City_in_Brisbane,_QLD_(Elevator_1)

Elevator 1 was a Johns Perry elevator installed in 1980, modernised by Schindler some time around the 2000s, and was broken since c. June 2016. It is currently known to have been replaced with a newer elevator.


EPIC FAIL: Broken Modernised Johns Perry elevator (Elevator 1) at Westfield Garden City (TheDragonFire123)

Elevator at garden city shopping centre (LiamBrookeJack [1])

Elevator at garden city shopping centre (LiamBrookeJack [2])

Elevator 2

Elevator 2 is a Johns Perry elevator, which, like Elevator 1, was installed in 1980 and modernised by Schindler in the 2000s. Unlike Elevator 1, this elevator is a service elevator and therefore is not intended to be accessible by the general public.


TheDragonFire123 (06/01/2017 AEST):

Brand: Johns Perry (fixtures replaced by Schindler)

Type: Inground Hydraulic

Capacity: 1972 kg (29 persons, approx. 4348 lb)

Fixtures: Red Dewhurst US91-15

Contract Number: 2450953

Year installed: 1980

Year modernised: 2000s? (older fixtures suggest older than 2003)

Year replaced: 2017

Floors served: 3 (LG - lower mall level, G - upper mall level {On the floor directory it is 1, 2})

Death-Trap Rating: 0.5/10 (lanterns do not work)


Johns Perry (fixtures replaced) Service Hydraulic elevator (Elevator 2) at Westfield Garden City (TheDragonFire123)    

Eleva​tor 3

Elevator 3 is a Johns and Waygood elevator, which was modded in 2003 by Schindler. This elevator leads up to the Centre Management and is located near the food court.


  1. Start from the Myer entry and head for the Level 2/Ground Level food court.
  2. As you turn into the food court, note the passage near the Boost juice bar.
  3. Walk down that passage. The elevator should be on your left.


​TheDragonFire123 (11/11/2017 AEST):

​Original Brand: Johns & Waygood
Modded by: Kone?
Type: Traction (?)
Current Maintainer: Schindler
Capacity: 680 kg (10 persons, approx. 1499 lb)
Fixtures: Dewhurst US91-15 Red (call buttons), Dewhurst US95 Green (COP and DDA Panel), Dewhurst ULS32H/V (Indicator)
Contract Number: 2450953
Floors served: 2 (G - Level 2 Mall, 1 - Centre Management)
Deathtrap Rating: 0/10 (SMOOTH)


Modded Johns & Waygood Traction (?) Elevator (Elevator 3) at Westfield Garden City, Brisbane, QLD (TheDragonFire123)


  • This elevator is one of the few elevators in Australia to have a non-centre opening, non-telescopic door.
  • This elevator has a Kone mod-style call button; whether this actually means that this elevator was modded by Kone is unconfirmed, however.

Elevator 4

Elevator 4 is an elevator in Westfield Garden City. It is either originally a DEVE-Schindler, or an Otis. It has been modernised by Schindler around 2003.


  1. Walk towards Toys 'R' Us and/or the Brisbane Library. 
  2. Turn towards the outdoor dining area. The elevator should be on your left if coming from Toys 'R' Us.


TheDragonFire123 (06/11/2017 AEST):
Brand: DEVE-Schindler/Otis (modernised and maintained by Schindler)
Type: Holeless Hydraulic 
Capacity: 2244 kg (33 persons, approx. 4947 lb)
Fixtures: Green Dewhurst US95
Contract Number: 2450953
Year installed: 1971 by an unknown installer (probably Johns Perry)
Year replaced: 1986
Year modernised: 2003 (?)
Floors served: 2 (CP - Toys 'R' Us parking, G - upper mall level {On the floor directory it is B2, 2})
Death-Trap Rating: 3/10 (neglected COP, down button on G has to be held down to work, indicator glitch, and in general I don't really trust this elevator, although it is interesting.)


Modded DEVE-Schindler/Otis Hydraulic elevator (Elevator 4) at Westfield Garden City + FAIL

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