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  • IDLift3000

    This is the new text format for all elevator pages. Just copy and paste the format below if you want to create new elevator pages or modify an existing elevator page.

    Please note:

    • Elevator Page Type 1: titled as (elevator brand) (serial number)
    • Elevator Page Type 1: titled as Elevator(s) in (building name)

    The following format for Elevator Page Type 1 and Elevator Page Type 2 is different. Please choose the correct format for which one of the two page types you want to create or modify.

    This is applied for elevator pages titled as (elevator brand) (serial number).

    Example: Thyssen 299994065

    Please give a brief information or history of this elevator, if you know.

    • Manufacturer:
    • Serial no.:
    • Year of construction/modernized: (Note: do not add "modernized year" …

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  • IDLift3000

    These are the elevators in Bracknell Town Centre featured in all 11 lift/elevator tour videos made by YouTube elevator filmer mrmattandmrchay.

    • Manufacturer: Kone
    • Type: Passenger
    • Model: Unknown
    • Number of elevator banks: 2
    • Year installed: 1970s (as Otis)
    • Year commissioned: 1970s (as Otis)
    • Year modernized: 1982 (by Kone Marryat Scott), 2009 (by Kone)
    • Floors served: *G*, 2, 4, 6, 8 (5 floors)
    • Capacity:
      • Number of person: To be confirmed
      • Maximum load: To be confirmed
    • Drive type: Traction
    • Fixtures: KSS 570
    • Current maintenance company: Kone

    • Accessibility level: Good
    • Additional car operating panel for wheelchair: None
    • Automated voice guidance: Yes

    • Ranking: Good
    • Door type: Center opening
    • Exterior door system: Automatic
    • Inner door system: Automatic
    • Door safety system: Sensors
    • Hall floor indica…

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  • IDLift3000

    Note: This is just a proposed page.

    Bracknell Town Centre is a town centre of Bracknell, in Berkshire, England. The town centre is featured on three sets of elevator/lift tour which consists of 11 videos made by YouTube elevator filmer mrmattandmrchay in 2008, 2009, and 2013. Note that the places listed ob this page are those which are featured in mrmattandmrchay's lift tour videos.

    • Name: High Street Car Park
    • Type: Multi-storey car park
    • Country: United Kingdom
    • Construction ended: 1973 (?)
    • Photography: Allowed
    • Security level: Low
    • Filming difficulty: Easy
    • Nearby buildings:
      • Princess Square Shopping Centre
      • The Grange Hotel Bracknell
      • Charless Square Car Park No. 2

    • Name: Princess Square Shopping Centre
    • Type: Shopping centre
    • Country: United Kingdom
    • Construction ended: 1982
    • P…

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