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Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Salinas, CA.


This building was built in 1953. Since then, the building appears to have had at least one addition. It appears that an addition was built in circa mid 1980s-circa early 1990s.


Building name

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

Type of building

  • Hospital


450 East Romie Ln., Salinas, California


United States

Year built

1953, addition built in circa mid 1980s?-circa early 1990s?.

Elevator filming strategy


Likely not allowed (at least not without permission)

Security level

Medium-High (There might be security guards that check if people have visitor's passes at the main entrance)

Elevator filming difficulty


List of elevators

This building has 7 elevators. Click on the links to see more details about each elevator.


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