Plaza of the Rockies is an office building in downtown Colorado Springs, CO.


The lobby connects both the north and south towers and features the UCCS art gallery and a restaurant. 

North Tower

  • Year constructed: 1983
  • Year Expanded: 1995
  • Year renovated: 2001
  • Number of stories: 8
  • Total number of floors: 10 

South Tower

The South Tower was added in 2001.  It is thirteen stories tall. 

  • Year constructed: 2001
  • Number of stories: 13
  • Total number of floors: 15


North Tower: Three Dover hydraulic elevators, and one Dover hydraulic elevator.

South Tower: Six ThyssenKrupp traction elevators. 

Filming Strategy

  • Photography: Unknown
  • Security level: Medium
  • Filming difficulty: Medium

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