O'Connor Hospital is a hospital in San Jose, CA.


The oldest remaining building was built in 1953. In 1969, an expansion to the hospital was built. In 1981-1982, a new main building was built. The older buildings are still in use, but they are no longer the main part of the hospital. In 2005, an emergency building was built.

Future plans for this building and the elevators

The 1953 part of the building may or may be demolished in the future due to it not complying with California hospital earthquake standards. Elevators in this hospital might be modernized soon, if they haven't recently been modernized.


Building name

O'Connor Hospital

Type of building

  • Hospital


2105 Forest Ave, San Jose, California


United States

Year built

1953 for oldest part of the building, 1969 for middle-aged part of the building (not counting the main building), 1981-1982 for main part of the building, 2005 for emergency building

Nearby buildings

2039 Forest Ave. 2110 Forest Ave.

Elevator filming strategy


Unknown, but likely not allowed

Security level


Elevator filming difficulty

Depends on the elevator (passenger elevators are Easy-Medium, patient elevators are medium-hard, it is suggested and recommended that you get permission if you want to ride the patient elevators)

List of elevators

Click on the links to see more details about each elevator.


This hospital is noteworthy for most, if not all of the elevators being vintage, and none of the elevators having been modernized (as of 2015).

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