Macy's Herald Square is the flagship Macy's department store in New York, NY.


The store has expanded many times over the years. The original part of the building was built in 1901. The building was expanded in 1924, and again in 1928, and again in 1931. The building may have also been expanded at other times. In 2012, a full renovation of the building was started. This renovation is either done, or close to done.


Building name

Macy's Herald Square

Type of building

  • Department store


151 West 34th St, New York, NY


United States

Year built

1901 for original part of the building, expanded in 1924, expanded again in 1928, expanded again in 1931.

Elevator filming strategy


Unknown, but likely not allowed

Security level


Elevator filming difficulty

Depends on the elevator (passenger elevators are Easy-Medium, service/freight elevators are hard and should not be ridden without permission)

List of elevators

6? Marcato Traction Elevators 3 Gurney? Mod. by ? Traction Elevators 2 Gurney Mod. by ? Traction Elevators 1 Early-Mid 2010s ThyssenKrupp Traction Elevator in the Louis Vuitton store

Service/freight elevators to be added


This department store was the largest department store in the world since the 1924 expansion was built until 2009.

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