This is a list of known confirmed signal operation elevators, original, and modernized. Note that if an elevator is listed as unfilmed, it has not been filmed, and if it is not listed as unfilmed, it has been filmed. If an elevator is listed as modernized, it is no longer signal operation, but it was formerly a signal operation elevator.

Otis (Model: Signal-Control)


  • Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo, NY, United States (1 service elevator, former passenger elevator)
  • Ring Building, Washington, DC, United States (Bank of about 4-6 elevators! Unfilmed)


  • Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Commerce Court North, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Harrods Knightsbridge, London, England (car switch is still intact but likely not wired up anymore)
  • Rand Tower, Minneapolis, MN (Service elevator, it is unknown if the passenger elevators are modernized Otis Signal-Control, or if they were completely replaced in the past, the service elevator has been heavily modernized, and the Otis Signal-Control door sill might be gone, but a complete replacement having happened seems unlikely)
  • Plummer Building, Rochester, MN
  • Buffalo City Hall, Buffalo, NY, United States (Passenger elevators, pre-modernization photo exists for one of the low rise elevators)
  • Colcord Hotel, Oklahoma City, OK, United States
  • Roanoke Higher Education Building, Roanoke, VA, United States

Unconfirmed (unknown if original or modernized)

  • 80 Centre St., New York, NY (almost surely modernized, but a pre-modernization video exists)
  • Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC (Likely unfilmed) (The original Otis Signal-Control car station still existed (there is a photo of it), but it is unknown if the elevator was original and it was still wired up, the building was recently renovated, so it is unknown if the elevators were modernized, or if the car station is still original)

Other brands


  • Hollywood Storage Building, 1025 North Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA, United States (Unfilmed) (Baker (Model: Signal Control))

Unconfirmed (unknown if original or modernized)

  • Banco do Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil (Unfilmed) (was still original in 2009, could be an Otis Signal-Control)
  • Torre Latinoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico (Likely filmed after modernization if it was modernized) (almost surely Otis Signal-Control, highly likely to have been modernized, but unconfirmed, there is a photo of this elevator in original condition)
  • A signal operation elevator likely existed in Indiana, United States, but it most likely was modernized. (Likely unfilmed)

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