This building was completed in 2005 and all the elevators are still original.

General Information

Building name

  • Hilton Habtoor Grand

Type of building

  • Hotel


  • Charles De Gaulle Street, Beirut 5555


  • Lebanon

Construction ended

  • 2005

Nearby buildings

  • Metropolitan palace
  • Padova hotel
  • Emirates hall
  • LeMall Sin El Fil

List of elevators

  • 2 Mitsubishi elevators, Serving L6 to 32
  • 3 Mitsubishi elevators, Serving GF to 32


  • Hilton Habtoor Grand is the tallest hotel in Lebanon.
  • HIlton Habtoor Grand has 2 internal elevators and 3 external scenic elevators
  • The internal elevators travel at a speed of 4 meters per second which makes it tied as the second fastest elevators in Lebanon.

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