The Metropolitan Palace was the first building completed in this complex in 2003. All the rest (Hilton Habtoor Grand, Emirates Hall, LeMall and the bridge connecting Metropolitan Palace And Hilton Habtoor Grand) was completed in 2005.

General Information

Complex name

  • Habtoor City

Type of Complex

  • Hotel Complex


  • Charles De Gaulle Street, Beirut 5555


  • Lebanon

Nearby buildings

  • Padova Hotel

List of buildings

  • Metropolitan Palace in Sin El Fil,Beirut, built in 2003
  • Hilton Habtoor Grand in Sin El Fil,Beirut, built in 2005
  • Emirates Hall in Sin El Fil,Beirut, built in 2005
  • LeMall in Sin El Fil,Beirut, built in 2005


  • All the elevators in this complex are manufactured by Mitsubishi
  • Hilton Habtoor Grand is the tallest hotel in Lebanon at 130 meters and 32 floors.
  • Hilton Habtoor Grand has external scenic elevators and internal high speed elevators. The internal elevators travel at a speed of 4 meters per second making it tied as the second fastest elevators in Lebanon


Elevator tour of Habtoor City: