חוף אכדיה

the elevator tower at the beach

These are the elevators at Acadia Beach in Herzliya, Israel

Elevator Specs

  • Manufacturer: Kfir.
  • Type: Passenger.
  • Number of elevators in bank: 2
  • Year installed: 2012.
  • Year commissioned: 2011
  • Floors served: 2( 0, *1*).
  • Capacity:
    • Number of person: Unknown
    • Maximum load: Unknown
  • Drive type: Traction.
  • Current maintenance company: Kfir.


  • Accessibility level: Good
  • Auxilliary panel for wheelchair: No

Additional Information

Additional information

  • Ranking: Good
  • Exterior door system: Automatic
  • Inner door system: Automatic
  • Door safety system: Sensors
  • Hall floor indicator type: dot matrix LED floor indicator
  • Hall lanterns type: No
  • Car floor indicator type: dot matrix LED floor indicator
  • Fixtures:
    • Main: Unknown.
    • Emergency button: STEP.
  • Chimes/bells: Yes
  • Floor announcements: Yes. Hebrew only.
  • Usage for: Public
  • Current status: In Service
  • Photography: Allowed
  • Filming difficulty: Very Easy

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