Bali White House - Brand new KONE elevator (exterior 1)

The elevator on ground floor in December 2012.

In Bali White House, there is only one elevator.

General information

This is the only elevator in the building, positioned on the front terrace of the building. It is a scenic elevator. Originally the shaft do not had an elevator until late 2012.

This elevator only operates during the day from Monday to Friday and not in service after 18.00 WITA (Waktu Indonesia Tengah/Indonesian Central Time). It is not in service every weekends and on public holidays.

Basic information

  • Manufacturer: Kone
  • Serial no.: To be confirmed
  • Model: MonoSpace 3000 MRL
  • Year in service: 2013
  • Capacity: 680 kg/10 Persons
  • Drive type: Gearless MRL
  • Controllers: Microprocessor
  • Status: In operation (non-operation after 18.00 WITA and on weekends and public holidays)
  • Usage: Public
  • Current maintenance: PT. Kone Indo Elevator
  • Filming difficulty: Easy

Door specification

  • Door type: Center opening
  • Exterior door system: Automatic (Kone AMD/Wittur AMD)
  • Inner door system: Automatic (Kone AMD/Wittur AMD)
  • Door safety: Sensors


  • Hall station
    • Manufacturer/series: Kone/KDS 300
    • Button series: KDS 300
    • Illuminative: Yes
    • Separate up/down buttons: Yes
    • Floor indicator: LED dot-matrix (red)
    • Direction indicator: None
  • Cab Station
    • Manufacturer/series: Kone/KDS 290-300
    • Button series: KDS 300
    • Illuminative: Yes
    • Separate control panel for wheelchair: None
    • Floor indicator: LED dot-matrix (red KDS 290)
    • Direction indicator: None

Floors serving

  • Floors served: 5
  • Floor layout: B, G, 1, 2, 3


The MonoSpace Has Finally Working!!! (2014 visit)04:09

The MonoSpace Has Finally Working!!! (2014 visit)

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