CentralWorld is the mall located in Rachaprasong District in Bangkok. It is one of the largest shopping mall in Thailand and it also has two skyscrapers.

Building Information


  • Building name: CentralWorld (Present), World Trade Center (1990-2005)
  • Country: Thailand
  • Construction ended: 1990
  • Nearby buildings:
    • Gaysorn Plaza
    • Arnoma Hotel Bangkok
    • Big C Supercenter Ratchadamri
    • InterContinental Bangkok
    • President Tower
    • Erawan Bangkok
    • Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok
    • Siam Paragon
    • Siam Square One

Elevator filming strategy

  • Photography: Not Allowed (Mall), Allowed (Hotel and office)
  • Security level: Medium (Mall and hotel), Medium-High (Office)
  • Filming difficulty: Medium (Mall and hotel), Hard (Office)

Elevator specifications

  • Zone A (Atrium)
    • Four Otis elevators, two elevators for each bank. (Served floor: B2-8)
    • Two Otis service elevators.
  • Zone B (Beacon)
    • Four Sigma elevators, two elevators for each bank. (Served floor: B2-8)
    • Three Sigma service elevators.
  • Zone C (Central Court)
    • Two Kone scenic elevators. (Served floor: 1-7)
  • Zone E (Eden)
    • One Schindler glass elevator. (Served floor: 1-3)
  • Zone F (Forum)
    • Three Schindler elevators. (Served floor: B2-10)
  • Isetan Department Store
    • Two Sigma elevators (Served floor: B2-7).
  • ZEN Department Store
    • Three Otis glass door elevators. (Served floor: B2-8)
  • ZEN World
    • Four Otis elevators (Served floor: B2-18)
    • Two Otis glass door elevators (Served floor: 7-18)
  • The Offices at CentralWorld
    • Two Schindler scenic elevators (Served floor: P2, P1, G, 3)
    • Twenty-two Schindler Miconic 10/ID elevators
      • 6 Low zone elevators (Served floor: 3, 6-15)
      • 6 Mid Low zone elevators (Served floor: 3, 16-26)
      • 5 Mid High zone elevators (Served floor: 3, 27-30, 34-38)
      • 5 High zone elevators (Served floor: 3, 31-33, 39-45)
  • CentaraGrand at CentralWorld
    • Four Kone main elevators (Served floor: 23-55)
    • Three Kone hotel carpark elevators (Served floor: B2-26)
    • Eight Kone Bangkok Convention Center carpark elevators (Served floor: B2-22)

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