Elevator 1 was a Johns Perry elevator in Westfield Garden City that served the two shopping levels, LG and G. It is currently known to have been replaced with another one.


  • Building name: Westfield Garden City
  • Address:
  • City: Brisbane
  • State/Province: Queensland
  • Country: Australia

Basic information

  • Manufacturer: Johns Perry
  • Serial no.:
  • Speed:
  • Year of construction/modernized: 1980 (modernised in the 2000s)
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Drive type: Inground Hydraulic
  • Motor:
  • Motor Control:
  • Selector:
  • Controllers: Relay
  • Scenic: None
  • Phone: Intercom (Phone button)
  • Status: Replaced
  • Usage: Passenger 

Door specification

  • Door type: Centre-opening
  • Exterior door system:
  • Inner door system:
  • Door safety: Sensors


  • Hall station
    • Manufacturer/series: Dewhurst
    • Button series: US91
    • Illuminative: None
    • Separate up/down buttons: No (two floors only)
    • Floor indicator: None
    • Direction indicator: None
    • Fixtures original?: No, modernised
  • Cab Station
    • Manufacturer/series: Dewhurst 
    • Button series: US91
    • Illuminative: No (only phone button)
    • Separate control panel for wheelchair: Yes
    • Floor indicator: Yes, Dewhurst
    • Direction indicator: None
    • Fixtures original?: No, modernised

Floors serving

  • Floors served: 2
  • Floor layout: LG, G


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